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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kids say the darndest things.

A fellow therapist who covered a session for me left the oddest note for me. The note read... "Questioned E (I will refer to client as E) regarding her answer to "What makes Jeannie Happy?" because her answer was "When I bring her her shoes." However, I was not able to get a real answer as to whether or not this really does happen."

So I thought to myself how odd and "Oh no! A fellow therapist thinks I kick back in this client's house with my shoes off (which we are not supposed to do unless the client's parents request it).

And so when I inquired E as to why she said that, her answer was "I don't know." And so I asked her if she knew what the statement "I bring her her shoes" meant. And she said yes. So I explained to her that this statement is not true because I do not take my shoes off when I am in her house. She thought about it and she said "ok."

And then we came to the Emotions program where I ask her that question "What makes (x) happy?" (x is anyone of importance in her day to day activities). I asked her "What makes teacher Ortencia happy?" (her GenEd teacher) and wouldn't you know it her answer was... "When I bring her her shoes." I almost let out a huge laugh, but fortunately I held it in. Needless to say I had to alter that program a bit by telling her she can no longer say "When I bring her her shoes."

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