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Friday, July 8, 2011

DTT and Parents

Today, I introduced Discrete Trial Training to a client's mother. In the past this mother has questioned DTT and whether it is actually doing any good. Therefore, today I decided that she should learn more about it. With a brief explanation on the procedures, I let her run a few programs. She did really well. I showed her how to correct and to give praise. Of course I took the data, but she was in control of the programs. After she was done, she commented that it was great to see her daughter answer correctly. I was happy to hear that from her. I took the chance to educate her on the purpose of the programs. My hope is that she is now more "on board" with all of the programs. She has been skeptical due to the fact that she has had services with other companies and had been unhappy with the results. Therefore, her concerns were valid. But I hope now, she understands the process and will have more faith that it will yield results.

For a brief explanation on DTT:

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